PHRASEANET Abies - v4.0.9

Welcome, You are about to install Phraseanet

Check Online for required list of components and web server setup

You will need a MySQL server, documents storage folders, and setup web server to publish some of these folders

Please take notice of the followings points, and finish installation.

Phraseanet requires the Unix `file` command
/space/www/christopheboisvieux/data/app/releases/20190628113750/config/stamp directory must be writable
/space/www/christopheboisvieux/data/app/releases/20190628113750/config/status directory must be writable
/space/www/christopheboisvieux/data/app/releases/20190628113750/config/minilogos directory must be writable
/space/www/christopheboisvieux/data/app/releases/20190628113750/config/wm directory must be writable
/space/www/christopheboisvieux/data/app/releases/20190628113750/tmp/lazaret directory must be writable
/space/www/christopheboisvieux/data/app/releases/20190628113750/tmp/download directory must be writable
Phraseanet install with HTTPS support is recommended
System configuration review

1/5 External binaries

Required field
Required field
Required field

Phraseanet requires many binaries

Some of them are required, like the indexer, Exiftool or ImageMagick, others are optional, like FFmpeg, used to create previews for video files.

Anyway, configuration can be changed later

2/5 User account creation


About password security policy

Password has to be clearly different from login and must contain 2 types of characters among the following :


Your e-mail will be used to log in to the application.

Make sure to use a valid e-mail address.

3/5 ApplicationBox Setup

MySQL database connection parameters

If you need more parameters, show more options

ApplicationBox is a MySQL database.

ApplicationBox stores users datas, rights and references to DataBoxes where records are stored.

Phraseanet strongly recommends the use of MariaDB as a replacement for MySQL.

4/5 Search engine settings

4/5 Storage folders Setup

Media and their subviews (such as previews, thumbnails...) will be stored in the following directories:

Thumbnails directory is mounted to be accessible via HTTP, while others directories are not.

If you plan to store large files, make sure they will fit in these directories.

5/5 Databox setup

MySQL database connection parameters

Task setup

Phraseanet has an embedded task engine to read and write metadatas and perform other operations

Phraseanet DataBoxes are MySQL databases, searchable by Phraseanet ApplicationBox.

Databoxes are used to store records, metadatas and their classifications